Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Se de ar, água, teto, ou pão
Se de riso, pranto, dor, razão
Se preciso, quero, ou posso ser
E de amar, amor, que sei viver
E crescendo no vão de existir e ir
Se sabendo irmão de outrem e si
Conhecido da terra e dono de nada
Vencido numa luta há muito encerrada
Se ve no destino de erguer-se alem
De ser novamente o mesmo outro alguem
E sobreviver.

Luciana Mano


No one to blame for my own faults
Except the me I wish I hadn't been
No one to praise for my own gain
Except the me I never knew I was

And as I grew weary in my pursuit
For the one witness I could always have
I looked at this new version of me
The me I could not have forseen

So with little left to be done
I packed my bags with the memory of love
And the hope to see it again at last,
And moved on and forwards towards me.

The me I might become...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

time never waits

An hour had gone by before she was ready to go.
Time never waits.
The sun was up before she could realize it was time to sleep.
Time never waits.
The year had passed before she could celebrate.
Time never waits.
Friends were gone, before she could wish them well.
Time never waits.
A whole world had already been before she was born.
Time never waits.
She loved with her whole self, before she was ready to let go.
Don't wait for time.

Luciana Mano

See me

Hear me think - Don't hear me shout
Let me be; don't let me out
Of sight, or mind - or it all.

Close your eyes and catch my breath.
Feel the tears yet to be wept
inside, in sight, of me.

And don't forget the love that passed
Should we part - or even last
days, years, now...

Just be sure you've done me right
and never sleep on a heavy heart
cause eventually, I'll be gone

Luciana Mano

Forgetful Lu

This is me. what I write, think, post... all me. Me and the many "me's" that come within.