Saturday, May 21, 2011

Morning song

The break of dawn lets some light in
Whispering through the crooked blinds
Change that led to yet a new morning
Has made it's way past the long dark times

The said morning air feels tingling cold
Against the skin of a yearning soul
It fills the lungs with more than breath
And move the heart into a brighter path

With a smiley face and eager eyes
The feet that touch the ground feel light
Though cold and numb from a long sleep
The walk steady to what looks like bliss

The pain that was felt seems almost gone
The joy which gone can run safely back
While the sun rises on said morning song
Mine are the hopes in this smile I kept

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Por aí

Por favor, não quero que te apresses
Quero que chegues quando quiser
Em tudo reconheço que minha prece
É que me leves e me deixe ser

Sei que há amores eternos que se vão
E nas histórias que remetem à solidão
Eu me encontro com meu amor
Nada me afasta de onde estou

Mas não te busco por que sei que é meu
E vives livre me fazendo respirar
Sem saber que és minha razão de ser
Sei que eu saia muito bem onde está

E só sei porque assim eu sou feliz
Não te preciso porque vivo por um triz
Te espero porque assim me fazes sonhar
Te espero porque vivo para amar

Every once in a while

Every once in a while the rain will come
And the sun won't feel as warm
And the nights will be this long
And the wind will be just cold

Every once in a while it rains for a day
And the heavy air of a cold morning
Will tire you with each breath you take
As it keeps you in your longing

Every once in a while you'll cry
And these tears will wash away your pain
They will rejoice in the death of lie
And rise again with some forgotten faith

Every once in a while you survive
Only to become a better you
Only to feel stronger and alive
Only to open your heart and soul

Every once in a while dreams fade
Only to be relived in reality
So that you'll remember to say grace
Every once in a while...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The way I see it

The way I see it, we don't stand a chance
We keep making the same mistakes
Keep forgetting the same old lines
There's no truth left in our old lies

The way I see it, love has lost its place
Where it used to be stands a crowd
Longing for any resemblance of peace
Looking to find some kind of relief

The way I see it, we've lost all hope
The things we once took for granted
Have ceased to breathe or shine
Everything seems to have changed

The way I see it, it will be all gone
Unless we take a stand for love
Unless we sing a louder song
Unless there's room for everyone

But that's just the way I see it...

Friday, May 13, 2011


Let happy endings be written
Let old stories be retold
Life is what you do while living
It's never too late, you're never too old

Allow for this love to embrace you
Take it and make it your own
Choose love over fear and move
Let this new way of living be known

While there's life, there will be hope
It dies last and at the break of day
It rises with any willing soul
Whenever lost, it will make its way

For there's very little else to be done
Or even for anyone to see
So let these forsaken wings fly you home
And be the you you were meant to be

Waking Life

Tell me the dream you never forget
Show me the world through your eyes
Let me walk you to your own bed
Dream the story that never lies

As your eyes are kept so tightly closed
Every word you say seems to have a soul
And yet there are still memories evoked
Which ever so quietly you've never shown

Meanwhile the waking life stands still
Waiting for hopes and meaning and views
On a different perspective it expects to rise
If only to feel a little more alive

Except the alarm clock doesn't ring
But for another dream it sings
Into new ways of saying the same
You find yourself replaying a game

And all that matters is what's inside
The dreams you've meant to realize
Have brought you to this place in time
Where all you do is arrive

inspired by the homonymous film - Waking life (2001) by Richard Linklater

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The search within

The question remaining longs for an answer
In response to what can't be told for sure
However long it takes, never matters
Every willing heart would rather be true

Far as they seem to have been kept
Long lost dreams won't let you forget
That which was laid asleep for a while
Returns to ensure we are not in denial

In a startling moment you are taken aback
By all that once seemed lonely and sad
But now looks rather exciting and fun
Even while being a quest for one

Not about the words to be said or sung
The next step is in what will be done
Decisive action is the realization of life
While still living, we always strive

Monday, May 9, 2011

Truth be told

Truth be told it hurts more than it should
More than I hoped it would by now
Tried everything to  just break free
Tried it all but I can't get you out of me

And yet it's not your lips I miss
It's more your soul I wish I could see
Just as we used to way back when
Just like it should have been til the end

But as it turns out I have gotten by
And have done it so well I can barely cry
All is well when it comes to living me
Except for the friend you used to be

So forgive my being so straightforward here
It's just that I'm pretty sure you haven't seen
The side of me that has kept me alive
The side that hopes we'll be friends again in time

In all honesty I must admit my mistake
I thought I'd live to see you regret
And now it's me I love the most
And yes, my friend, I wish you'd know

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Life goes on

Much as it hurt to see you leave
I realize it has set me free
Of my own set of private chains
Which made me a slave to your gain

And as you turned and went away
I kept the hope you'd look again
Yet not for a second did you regret
Nor for a minute did you look sad

Now that all my tables have turned
Making life happen helped me learn
All that was left helped me grieve
And now I stand for what I believe

While my life has become my own
I keep on hoping not to be alone
With an open mind and a willing soul
I write the stories I never told

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I wonder if I'd still have time
After all that's gone to waste
If I would ever change a line
Decide for another fate

And yet it seems so far behind
That nothing feels the same
The words retold inside this mind
Playback a different game

The promises that can't be kept
Fell more like a distant past
Stories that were never real
Except for all they made me feel

Though awkward as it seems
I have no record of regrets
Blurred as they may now be
I hope never to forget

Monday, May 2, 2011

Breaking news

No poetry can be written today. I am sorry, words and rhymes fail me as I try to make sense of it all. So, this post will be different.

Ever since I was a little girl growing up inside a Christian family, being brought up with such values and all that comes with being a Christian is this world, I was taught a lot things I came to question as I grew older. So much so it ended up changing me, maybe that was when I became a convert. I am definitely not going to address that subject now. It's not about religion. It's about values.

Of all the teachings I began to question, there was one which never failed me: Love conquers all. And, yes, I believe love will conquer peace. Love, not death. Deaths are to be mourned and cried, just as the ones which so sadly took place on that September 11 and those which happened before that, and after as well. We mourn. Families experience the worst kind of pain there is, the pain of not having around that person you love so much. So forgive me if I can't be glad today. Terror didn't die last night, just as it hadn't started with him almost 10 years ago. I've been thinking about it the whole day and I truly believe that we mustn't hold one human being, inhumane as that may be, responsible for the pain, sadness and horror we have been experiencing on a daily basis.

Wars won't stop, the soldiers who have been sent on this war won't be called back home just yet, the people who have so tragically and violently died on that said morning won't be brought back to life, neither will the thousands of soldiers who have lost their lives for this so-called War on terror. No, it will remain the same. Mainly because there hasn't been any change of heart, but also because there's a lot more to war than meets the eye.

That is why these have been breaking news, heart breaking news. It is not the death of an evil man that will bring peace to the world. I've heard people say that the bravest, kindest, most loving man ever to set foot on this planet, died voluntarily for that cause, and yet, here we are - 2000 years later - worrying about the next terrorist attack, celebrating death, worst,celebrating murder.

I don't know what it will take to bring peace back into this world. But I am positive I have a better chance to do so by loving, hard as it may be, thatby making war.

"I hope someday you will join us. An the world will be as one." John Lennon (murdered in 1980)

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." Jesus Christ, also murdered, but ressurected on the Third day. (Bible passage John 10:10)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Right Track

As I walk the choices I have made
Those which made me what I am
I realize every road you take
Takes you along just the same

However I may think it goes
The truth remains untold
The step you take to start the road
Is that which makes it so

So I will make this track right
While being no one but me
And where it takes me, I shall find
Til the I will just live

Monday, April 25, 2011


O que posso dizer agora?
Tivemos dias difíceis, eu sei
Mas desa vez você foi embora
E eu? Sem você, fiquei
Não sou perfeita, nem você foi
Mas os dias que ficam
Não lembram motivos
Recontam a história de amor
Na tristeza da sua partida
Não posso pedir nada mais do que paz
Que você siga sempre sua vida
Que eu sigo te amando cada vez mais

Para minha amiga Bia, que Deus diminua sua dor. Amo você.

So Far

There's no use in pretending
Not to have regrets or doubts
Even as life keeps changing
We're always wondering about
All the things we wish we had
Some we'd rather have not
Everything that time made past
Reasons to where we got
No use in asking questions
We hold no answer to
If life change its directions
So far it's made us new
Sure not all things were that good
Nor that bad just the same
The glass we now see through
Has time for its frame
Thank life we all must
For bringing us where we are
And change, we all trust,
Will get us very far

Sunday, April 24, 2011

To whom it might concern

Darling, I wish you knew
The things I've seen you do
I wish you'd care I'm proud
I wish you'd let me say it loud
Instead I see you've changed
In ways I can't quite explain
And all I knew is not the same
To make sure, I look again
Darling, I beg of you, stay
I really have a lot to say
The words I hear you speak
Sound lost and out of beat
Why won't you believe me now
I've seen you when you're real
It's gotten lost somehow
And that's the biggest deal
You sound too right all the time
No one can handle that
Let others speak their minds
And trust some other facts
For starters leave me be
As I am different, you see
I love you nonetheless
You love me at your best.

Onde, Aonde, Donde

Onde se cria a vida
Que se gera em dias
Se funde em horas
Se extende em memórias?
Aonde foram os sonhos
Em que tudo podias
Vislumbres das almas
Autores de histórias?
Donde vem os amantes
Que de suas agonias
Fizeram dos sonhos a vida
E da morte sua derradeira glória?
É que não se responde
A palavra que voa
Pois tudo vem, está e se cria
No fundo de toda alma boa

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The word

There’s a word I’ve been looking for
That holds the meaning to nothing more
It speaks for all my silent claims
And stands for a life I’m yet to gain

There’s no need to rush time
When all the other words I rhyme
Will have to make do for now
As long as that word can’t be found

A lot to say in many ways
Nothing to keep inside in pain
In searching for that stranded word
I’ve been finding my own world

When it finds me I’ll be complete
The longing for a meaning, ceased
And all the writing will then be gone
Every tale will have been told

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Minhas raízes só me fazem mover
Saio de mim por meus ninhos
Nada me prende em lugares vazios
A não ser o medo de não me perder

Pés flutuantes de imaginação
Seguem histórias de cada estação
Ainda que anos se deixem passar
Os dias vividos se fazem contar

E assim seguindo nessa estrada
Caminhando com asas e mais nada
O ser que se tem por próprio senhor
Em tudo se dá inteiro de amor

Por isso me estendo por todos o verso
E escrevo de mim sendo universo
Porque minhas raízes me levam a crer
Na etérea verdade de querer viver

One of these days

One of these days I'll write you a song
In hopes that you may want to sing along
I promise to choose each word I sing
Just so you know what I really think

One of these days you'll hear me speak
Of all that's been and lived and ceased
But should you find it hard to surmise
I'll try to show what's been on my mind

I'll make a rhyme one of these days
That settles the question of wandering hearts
In the meantime all I have to say
Is written in pieces and displaced parts

Therefore I suggest you do as you wish
And carry on seeking for "musts" and "needs"
For one of these days my tune will play
And I will have nothing left to say

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Esse teu pranto que os anjos levaram,
Ninguém pode ouvir sem chorar
Essa canção que teus sonhos embala
É a minha oração que vai sempre soar
Foi crueldade que levou teu futuro
E sem teu amanhã muita gente ficou
Nem teu sorriso um coração tão duro
Fez perceber o que desmoronou
E agora, onde quer que estejas
Não há homem mau que te possa assustar
Então sorri teu sorriso em leveza
Que no mundo vivemos, de tua falta, o pesar
E tenha toda paz e o amor
Que esse mundo não pode te dar
Seja criança, a mais linda flor
Até quando formos nos encontrar

*In Memorian das crinaças mortas na chacina de Realengo no dia 07/04/2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011


As I walk the thinnest lines
And stand between my dreams
I can't help but wonder why
Nothing is what it all seems

And that which I once believed
To be happiness at its best
Appears so average now it's dimmed
And lonely, even, sad

What I so feared would make me hurt
Show the bareness of my soul
Has only made me alive and pert
Loving me as a whole

So dreams, I ask, where have you gone
I can barely see your faces
New memories and soties have become
My deepest, strongest traces

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Faz que teu canto te leve a mudar
Faz que tua voz seja leve ao falar
Faz que teu corpo seja inteiro pra dar
Faz que tua vida seja mais que contar

Toma pra ti mesmo a vontade de ir
Sonha teus sonhos que te fazem sorrir
Cumpre os planos que te cabe cumprir
Segue os caminhos que desejas seguir

Caminha sempre que quiseres correr
Que teus passos te guiem para vencer
Seja tua força o amor de viver
E seja somente quem quiseres ser

Monday, March 28, 2011


The biggest truth is hidden within
The silenced soul against the stream
Only a thin line standing between
The song that it’s about to scream

But, oh the beauty that soul beholds
Standing opposite it looks pleased
Each beating heart, a louder stroke
For all the living that have been freed

And with the soothing morning breeze
The eyes that seemed to have been sealed
Begin to move their fragile lids
And no word is left to be revealed

No word to mean more than to be
No utterance that could enclose
For all the joy, the beauty we see
Is ensued from the freedom we chose

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Silly words for great friends

Dance your way into the night
Leave all your cares far behind
Let loose and let all things be
Celebrate, my friend, you're free

And even though I may not belong
I am thankful you brought me along
Because of you I came and tried
And had the best time of my life

These silly words are meant to say
What all the others failed to state
And these simple rhymes, not so astute
Become my ode to you, a tribute

Oh, my friends you mean the world
And yet apart, we're still so close
For including me in your great story
I will always, always, be jolly!

Monday, March 21, 2011

You never really know

You never know when the rain will come
Sometimes a cloudy day stays the same
Other times a storm takes over the sun
And there's no one to blame

You never know which dreams will be real
There may be those you will never see
There may be others you hadn't revealed
And not all you wish will be

There's no way of knowing love beforehand
Either it holds you tightly and kisses your lips
Or maybe lets you go while it leaves a strand
And often times it just slips

No knowledge was built under absolutes
No life was lived unchanged or imunne
For the only constant there should be
Is that we constantly change - you and me

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Seguindo de novo

Por tantos caminhos quantos achar
Seguirá a busca de toda verdade
Em nada se perde o que se recriar
Transformando a luta em felicidade

O riso tristonho que segue vivendo
Reconta os passos deixados pra traz
Sem melancolia, responde ao tempo
Grato por tudo, sem nada pedir a mais

Recontos da história de todo amanhã
Trazem de novo a vida que não cessou
No riso, o sorriso, alegria pagã
É da liberdade que se conquistou

E todo o amor que restaura a alma
Se estende na trama dessa nova história
Que matém o mundo em sua palma
Pra estender ao outro sua vitória

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Whatever happens

Whatever happened to life? – I wonder
Since no time is left for living
Whatever happened to love? – I ponder
For little is there to give
Where did happiness go? – I ask
Has it fled with no regrets
Has it found itself at last
And let bygones be past?
What will be of us? – I now grope
“Be not afraid!” – I hear
That which dies last is hope
Then why do I still fear?
“Well even when you strive
Believing sets you free
Whatever happens to love and life
- And happiness – it’s here”

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

O som que me move

O som que move é o de todo encontro
De mãos que se tocam para não se perder
De abraços que entregam pra sempre ter
De sonhos que se fazem do assombro

O encontro das águas que nunca iguais
Se fazem novas, outras, e mais
O encontro da terra com o coração
Que vai muito além do que espera a visão

O som que comove refaz a história
Do dia, dos tempos, minutos afora
Traz outra vez a dança e a voz
Celebra a vida de cada um de nós

O som desse encontro faz a vida de novo
Compõe uma nova canção de amor
Capaz de resgatar o sorriso do choro
E trazer-me de volta de onde for

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Soneto da despedida

Se te digo adeus, não é porque mereças
Mas porque careço de toda possível paz
Não preciso ver tua felicidade, por mais que a deseje
Só preciso do silêncio que essa saudade não me traz

Então não me tenhas por algoz de tua ida
Se por escolha fostes para este outro canto
E se por tua própria fuga nesse vão te fostes longe
Seja teu o encanto e assombro de tanto pranto

Mas chega a vez de fazer desta minha hora
E com sorriso bambo sou eu quem vai agora
Por outros cantos, outros tantos, embora.

E se já não te lembras, não te culpo, sinto
Que seja breve o meu adeus infinito
E que sejamos tudo que nunca foi dito - adeus.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

É assim

Da voz dos que não sabem falar
Vem a força de quem não pode lutar
Se faltam palavras, sobram motivos
Se faltam verdades, sobram os amigos
E é assim que se faz
E quem segue caminhando pode
Encontrar paz onde o amor se esconde
E fé que faz, desfaz e refaz
em sempre sonhar alto e querer mais
E é assim que a vida vai
Só pode sorrir quem sempre celebra
Apesar das escolhas, consigo se alegra
Dança e corre por tudo e por nada
Fala e ri com a dúvida ou falha
E é assim...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Tenha certeza

Antes de se levantar, tenha certeza de que acordou
Porque cada passo que se inicia
Leva o tempo que o outro que não se contou
E na dicotomia de um dia
Se vive a simplicidade de uma vida
Antes de chorar, tenha certeza de que sorriu
Porque cada lágrima que se vai
Não volta num mesmo rio
E na alegria que se tem em estar
Cresce a vontade de continuar
Antes de se deixar levar, tenha certeza de ter amado
Porque é em se perder que se ganha
E só que já se deu pode ser levado
E nos dias que já não serão seus
Habita toda felicidade
Antes que seja tarde, tenha todas as certezas
Porque nos dias que passam
Só se vive pela beleza
Da vontade e das verdades
Que em cada um se fazem...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Waking up

She thinks there’s a lesson to be learned
In every single step she takes
And as she overthinks her intentions
She overlooks her own sensations
Tough as it may be for this girl
To let her hair down for a while
And look around where she goes
She may come out with a smile
If dreams didn’t make it further
Waking up should be no burden
But a whole new page to write
A brand new way to start
Be not a simple minded fool, little lady
The future will take all the chances
And the story you’re yet to find
Beyond the rising sun lies

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A new quest

The search for greatness and hope
Begins with all but a single step
Meanwhile the heart can only cope
As it takes the next step

A venture is sure to have begun
When you hear the wind against the sail
For with each wave that will be gone
A whole new story entails

What would come out of such labor
Unseen remains until it's here
Having hope for the best sailor
Or failure as the worst fear

Yet it is specially for not knowing
That this undertaking begins
And the view along the journey
The very reason reveals

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bon Voyage

We haven't learned to say good bye
And maybe we never will indeed
But as we part this time around
I wish you all I wished you here
I wish you have time to spare
I hope you find the will within
I pray you have to hold your breath
I dream you'll find your win
So while you're there, please do your share
And keep an open mind
Take it all in with every step
And never wish it to end
And allow yourself to be in awe
And let the world surprise you more
As you enjoy your every day
I only hope you're not away
At all

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Procuro um lugar onde mora
Guardada pela verdade
A saudade de quem foi embora
E vive sua liberdade
E nessa rua que reside
A luz de quem nunca desiste
Mas segue pelo querer
De tudo que pode ser
É quando chego ao destino
Que vejo que não me engano
São meus todos esses sonhos
É comigo que me encontro

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To forget

All the wrong that has been done
By whomever or to anyone
Has filled a soul with restless tears
And led to nothing at all but fear
And in the failing of a soul
A place no one would dare go
Alledgedly should be great pain
Instead of all but a little stain
No scars of a most dreaded past
But hope and love willing to last
And in the questioning of its strength
A little voice cries out its claim
There's no living without a breath
And you must forgive to - then - forget

Monday, February 21, 2011

Big picture

A closer look can be a blinding light
Into a soul or any wandering mind
Details that never seem to fail
To surprise or even entice

And with a step back - or two
The way it's seen can be renewed
And flawless memories revive
While failed dreams are demised

Meanwhile the view of any perfection
Is kept by one too many laws of attraction
The closer you get, the further you're at
Determine the beauty you see reflect

All eyes behold beauty from afar
And you remember if you no longer are
Distance is time's favorite test
The part you see is the whole you get

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Just as a flower needs the ground
Just as the fish need the sea
And as a child needs a mother
As a person needs to feel
And like we all need to learn
Like we all need to yearn
Like words need to speak
And every life need to breath
I need for you to stand
For what truly matters in the end
To speak your mind no matter what
And be the man I hope you are

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Ask me not the reasons why
Whatever happens at any time
Spare me the need to explain
Why somethings grow while others restrain

And wonder not about the ones
That handle both restraint and surge
As any tree that grows that high
Will have to lodge down rather tight

Yet should it ever cross your mind
To stop the wondering, go on and try
Make it so that you become
The words you long from anyone

No freedom abides in solitude
And treasure the words I sing to you
All the while you spread and thrive
Your roots are keeping you sound and alive

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Não quero falar de amor

Hoje eu não quero falar de amor
Quero que as rimas sejam soltas
E livres do que eu possa impor
Que sejam leves, ainda que poucas
Como as bolhas de sabão
Que sejam volúveis bailarinas
E sempre cumpram sua sina
De se deixar levar no vão
De histórias e contos novos
De ventos que nunca voltam
De vidas que sempre inovam
E por fim, que essas rimas
Sejam cheias de beleza
De sorriso que ensina
De tudo que se deseja
E, quem sabe, mesmo sem querer
Não tenha todas elas juntas
Cantado do que so pode ser
Amor em outras juras

Monday, February 14, 2011


If you could keep any given day
Which one would have stay?
Would you choose the day before
For its vague resemblance to having more
Or would it be the day of after this
With its hidden promises and possible treats?
Or, tell me, try and be true
If this is the day you would choose
Granted its real, and here, and now
And yours to live, no matter how?
Sure your decision has been made,
I wish you all that I can't say
I wish you life that will exceed
I wish you a great today indeed.

Piece of advice

Should there be just a single piece
Of the many words of advice I'd give
Have no doubt regarding what I'd say
And keep these words to yourself someday
Be not a guest at this party called life
Be not a character of the book you must write
Let the story you tell as the days fly
Become the History the world will live by
And make each day count
No matter how big the amount
And never forget to celebrate
The losses, the gains, what you create
For all that's left of life, is living
Just as what's left of love, is giving
Live mighty, live it all
Love always, love all

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sem saber

Que alma se salva em perder-se
E se faz escrava de sua liberdade
Sem nunca se deixar apenas ser?

Que vida se vale das coisas que não tem
Se constrói no que desmorona e cai
E festeja em seus lugares comuns?

Qual é o coração que não sente, vê
Que sendo indefeso se faz temer
E tira de si mais amor e dá?

É que quem ri de si mesmo, mesmo só
Que encontra na paz sua amiga maior
Sem saber faz a vida assim, feliz

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Here's to all that's new and living
Here's to not knowing, believing
Here's to happiness and fun
Here's to all of us being one

Hold you head up high for now
And join the toast, make it your vow
And promise to make a moment last
Commit to trying and having a blast

New things that came our many ways
Might not have come to forever stay
But they all have given us a chance
To start a new extraordinary dance

Share the feeling that's inside
Laugh so hard that you may cry
And keep on moving to the beat
Of these new words, still being writ

*to Krys :) - thanks for pushing me further!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A história

De dias felizes se faz a história
Que dia após dia se nega chorar
Lamenta que seja assim tão simplória
A vida de quem se priva amar
E nos encantos de sorrisos tolos
Encontra a paz que se fez esquecida
Na ternura de abraços frugais
Revive a paixão que ascende à vida
Soma de tantos encontros reais,
Se deixa moldar sem medo nem louros
Sabe-se viva, e cada vez mais,
Por ser uma ou outra, reinventada
Assim sem começo, inacabada

Monday, February 7, 2011


The wind blows in response to the sea
Which takes the chance to break in waves
So that the sand won't feel the heat
As the sun shines through the days

Then the moon has its turn and place
To hold the stars that shine, and sings
Words and music no one could make
Fill the night of all living things

And a quiet soul beholds the scenary
With its baffling wisdom and magnitude
And the baffled heart stares stubbornly
Praying and singing in sole gratitude

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Moving on

Leave me now to my own despair
And walk away just when you're needed
Be the one thing I still regret
And keep rewriting the unwritten
For when I'm left to find my way
That's when you'll hear me say
That time has always been a friend
And love is staying til the end
So keep your wishes to yourself
And say no more than our goodbyes
But in your heart keep wishing me well
And keep the memories of our lives
And as for me, I'll keep on going
To the places you wanted me to see
And when I get there, walking slowly
You will know that I'm still me

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Licença poética

Não se deixe tomar de assombro
Quando me ouvir dizer que amo
E que escrevo sempre e tanto
Quanto grande for o encanto

Não pense menos de mim
Se eu gostar de rimar assim
Se lhe disser que acho fácil
Cantar e encher o espaço

Não entenda como vaidade
Toda minha sinceridade
Se disser que me fiz irmã
Da poesia e da rima vã

Porque o instante que dura
Um verso de ternura
É a eternidade do sentimento
Que torna infinito meu momento

Silent song

There's a song I wish to sing
But it's out of tune and out of reach
It belongs to no one, not even me
And yet I hope it gave me wings

But all this silence will make do
For the absence I've come to know
And that song will be my voice
For tomorrow or forever more

And should you ever hear me sing
Let me know or hold your peace
Join the chorus, if need be
And pour your love out to me

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Once upon a time

There was a man who lived
Once upon a time
In a house of debris
He would compose a rhyme
And when the words did not compare
Or wouldn't be together
He himself would take a stand
And help them all feel better
One day the song slipped his mind
He couldn't feel at ease
As he asked the words for any sign
Praying for relief
So word by word, they came around
And made it all work out
And then in just a single line
He made it worth my while

Começo meio e fim

Eu queria crescer quando fosse pequeno
E ver quando so podia ouvir
Acreditar no que não entendo
E sonhar como um aprendiz

Quando eu crescer eu quero ver
De onde vem as perguntas
Das respostas que eu quero ter
Se elas forem mudas

E a vida que um dia virá enxerida
Será mais uma voz pra cantar
No coro das canções doloridas
Na vez de quem quis voar

Assim quando for minha a vez
De deixar a cena que ensina
Eu sei que faria as escolhas que fiz
E de nada me arrependeria

Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wonder if you miss me
And I wonder where you are
What would you be thinking
If you knew where to start
But I also wonder, every now and then
About the things I need done
Wonder if, or how, who, or when
Might help me have some fun
And from time to time I wonder why
Somethings just never change
And whether I'll make it on time
Or just miss out on chance
But here's what I have learned
From wondering now and again
Is that the things that go get always blurred
And the ones to come are stained

Monday, January 31, 2011

So far

Some things are better left unsaid
Words better off unspoken
Dreams you'd rather not have had
Hearts we wish could not be broken

But life holds on to nothing
Except this single rule of thumb
It's only by the things you did
You now can be what you become

Wish not that you had been quieter
Or even that you'd come undone
The pieces are held together
By the cracks of all that's gone

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Standing on that bridge

Standing on that bridge watching the sunlight glow
The sunset seemed a thousand years ago
And as staying took the place of moving
As the bridge took the place of loving
The world became smaller and even more so
Because the lights that shine at dawn
Though beautiful and and soft and all
May cause you to stop and stall
And as life sails along the glimmering waters
It might be wise to keep moving forward
Over to the other side of that bridge
Where it all stays the same from a different twist
Standing on that bridge watching as life goes on

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Vive velha vida
Vence vil vaidade
Vacila vontade va
Volta vital verdade
Violento vulcão, vapor
Voraz vergonha velada
Virá via voz, vigor
Verdade viva vedada

Some flowers aren't meant to grow

Some flowers aren't meant to grow
In the many gardens I know
Their seeds were never sown

Some trees grow out of spite
On grounds that have grown dry
To prove they can go by

And grass with its shallow roots
Bound to nothing and aloof
Tends to scatter on the loose

The flowers meant to live
Hang on with tighter grip
Never to be apart

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The smile of wonder

The smile of wonder cannot be kept
Away from life for much too long
In the laughter a lot can be said
And there's no hiding for this song

The unexpectedly joyous day
Preceeds a time when beauty is here
And all the freedom that disappeared
Is now the only possible way

All the surprises that have followed
Tell us little about tomorrow
Yet brag about the days before
Showing off what was ignored

The smile of an unwanted surprise
Cannot be hidden or even disguised
Because it's free of previous times
And lives on dreams, and soul, and light

Monday, January 24, 2011

Se fosse samba

É nesse, passo e descompasso
Que eu me faço e desfaço
Sem saber muito bem pra onde ir
E desse jeito que me ajeito
A dor que levo no meu peito
Hoje é também o que me faz sorrir
E em cada canto nesse encanto
O batuque e o retruque
De um samba de leva e traz
E só assim que eu sei
Que a batida do meu coração
É o vai e vem desses pés no chão
E abros os braços e o sorriso
Pra o amor e o perigo
De me apaixonar...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Palavras roubadas

Palavras roubadas que não dizem nada
Falam demais de coisas finais
Ouvem confissões de santos
Causam pouco ou nenhum espanto
Palavras tomadas de mim
E quando eu as quero
Quanto mais eu espero
Sou tomada por elas assim
Palavras que somem e não se eganam
Não serão minhas de vez, outra vez
São de quem as fizer como for
Quando saem de mim, falam por si
E já não as uso, são usadas
E já não são minhas, são levadas
Dizem por si o que eu não mais sei
O que me resta é tentar entender

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Let me love you the way I can
With all my heart, body and soul
Filled with fears, it still stands
Alive with tears and deeper woes

Allow this love to be your light
And walk with you along the way
Soon as the pain passes you by
This love alone will be your gain

Be well aware - and I will too - of its demise
Grated it will help you suirvive
This loveless world while it stands, still

So forgive me if I choose to ignore - and I do
When you tell me you can love no more
For my love stands on its own will

Monday, January 17, 2011

Where there once was me

There's void where there once was presence
And in the place of plans, chance has taken over
Where there once lived a little girl, her reminiscence
And where there was disbelief, now grows wonder
And time after time, change after change
Nothing remains, but a deep rooted trust
That everything ends only to beging anew
And we all, in more ways than one, do too
So the tears that may have been fought
May soon enough be thoroughly sought
For no tear dries on its own, alas
Except for the smile it brings at last
Where there once was sorrow, now prevails hope
And in the place of hurt, you can only feel forgiveness
Where there used to be a broken heart
Now I stand free

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Eu que te conheço há tanto tempo
Reapareço assim, tomada de assombro
Porque mesmo sem por quê, ainda tento
E sem te ver já sei que tudo teu e santo
 Então me entende quando digo - sem querer
Que muitas vezes - eu nem sei o que -
Mas quero te falar o tempo todo
E esse espaço que eu tenho é muito pouco
Porque eu não entendo muito bem essa historia
De que tanto sofrimento também e pra tua glória
Mas como, se essa gente que se vê nua
Também foi feita a imagem e semelhança tua
Ah! Eu sei da tua imensa sabedoria
E que eterna e infinita e tua soberania
Então vem e cuida desse povo destruído
Que já viveu mais do se pode ser vivido
Com muito menos ainda vai ter que insistir
E eu que sem querer ainda creio e espero
Imploro que venha por eles intervir
São muitos sonhos, vidas e anseios
E eu sei bem que teus são todos eles
E ainda que não entenda, és bondoso
Não podes mentir por natureza
E prometeste que estarias conosco

Ate o fim dos tempos.

O que me prende

Os pés fincados ao chão, dançam
Sem saber onde tocam suas raízes
Desenham a alegria de um coração em paz
Saltam até voar sem quem os guie

E nos caminhos traçados de velhos dias
As novas histórias se permitem construir
Nas mesma raízes que se embaralham
Seguem pra além de onde se pode ir

E os pés que se deixam levar sem medo
Deixam as marcas da raízes que tem
São levados e carregam também
Seguem seguidos, seguindo o desejo

E esses pés que vacilam firmados no chão
Se estendem e entendem nos que vem e vão
No mundo, na vida, no essencial, na verdade
Só se deixam prender por toda liberdade

Thursday, January 13, 2011


The cold breeze cutting through my lips
The sun scorching down on me
The bubbly waves that touch my heel
And the sounds played in the sea

The playful tears that took the place
Of what had once been a louder cry
The smile that burns inside my chest
The newer paths where I walk by

Reminders of what new stories of all that was untold
And days unlived, and laughs unlaughed
New pictures I now behold

The things I've chosen to remeber and those I neglected to forget
Live inside and have become
Reminders that I'm free

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The tree of life

* Tree of life - by Tim Parish

The roots which ground a wandering heart
Grow deeper and further even when apart
Take place in the soul of a desiring man
And guide the way through life's secret plan

They cannot be traced to a single core
And there is no end to be seen in them
All tangled up; though many, the same
Changed their various sores

And just when they seem to have been figured out
There comes a newer, unfathomable sprout
The sum is then modified again

And the parts that may have fluttered before
Now intertwine and dance and take new form
Only to break from the very ground and fly


Monday, January 10, 2011


In the war between the worlds I live in
Where I, too, fight battles of my own
I've come to realize that the only thing
That really matters in this life is love

Love for the friends you make and keep
For the ones who go and carry on
For those whom you may never see
And for the ones you had before

Love for the love you had or shared
And for the ones you dreamed ahead
For those which may have passed you by
And for that one which will never die

And love for all the years that passed
The little things that just won't last
The big things you never saught
The one thing you never thought

Love for the life the lies ahead
Each step we take, the road we make
Is just another day to rest
To live, enjoy, forgive and laugh

To love.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


What would you wish for
If dreams could come true
With the blink of an eye
Anything you could do
Would it be about things
and changes and chance
Or would it be about living
And loving again?
Where would you choose
To spend the next day
Who would you have
Come join you and stay?
If there's an answer
And in your heart you know
Wait for nothing, or no one
Live it all, live it on...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Written soul

Where words can't be spoken, I write
When they can't be written, I cry
And when enough tears have been wept
When all is said, there's nothing left
That's when a new page is turned

And in all that blank which lies ahead
There's still so much yet to be had
There's all, there's none, and then there's that
The chance, the choice, the newest path
That's when you find you've learned

Withal, the steps I choose not to take
Become as vital, and perharps as great
As the longest journeys I'm yet to commence
Within each word, though written or enhanced
Amidst the reticence I intend

*quadro de Marcio Melo - A cortina de renda

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Eu ainda sonho acordada
Ainda espero pelo dia
Ainda choro com criançaa
Ainda rio com piadista
Ainda creio na verdade
Ainda odeio a mentira
Ainda brinco de bobagem
Ainda brigo pela vida
Ainda quero ser feliz
Ainda ando devagar
Ainda vivo por um triz
Ainda penso em me casar
Ainda espero ser melhor
Eu ainda sou eu mesma
Ainda que nao seja
Ainda amo, mesmo so.


"O que foi, já não é mais"
Se ficou, já se desfaz
"Nada é pra sempre"
E ainda que intente
Não pode ir além
Dos anos que vão e vem
Por isso a entrega
de quem não se nega

Sem tempo que caiba
A vida que ensaia
Em seu passo veloz
Clama alto sua voz
Pelos dias que ainda
Se contam da vida
E a chance de um lar
Nessa vida que é mar

Monday, January 3, 2011

Emma Sorry

If I were to tell you the story
Of a blue-eyed girl called Emma Sorry
Would you be kind enough to stay
And carry on if I start to refrain
Would you be willing to hear me wisper
Or if I yelled, would you still listen?
Or would it be to much to bear
If Emma Sorry wore no hair
Or even any kind of perfume,
You wouldn't want her, I assume...
Oh, no! But Emma Sorry wears no rings
Or any ornaments you may think
What you hear, is what you get
Emma Sorry you would last.

Luciana Mano


I prayed for the sun so I could bathe in its light
Yet the pouring rain made me wait for the night
And when the stars didn't come, I noticed what had gone (by)
A whole day of looking at others and myself
A day of surrender and laughter and smells
And, yes, the sun wasn't here today
As I had wanted, hoped and prayed
(But what have I gained!)
The light of lingering smiles,
The glow of unworried faces
The brightness of friendship
And much smaller spaces
Between me and everlasting love.

Luciana Mano

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Dias lindos quando o sol era mais feliz
Nuvens densas das chuvas que não vi
Idas e vindas, sonhos e planos
Que, ainda que não vividos, nunca foram vãos
A vida só existe pra quem se permite viver
e rir, chorar, correr, lutar, ganhar, perder
E se peder. E se encontrar em outro lugar
longe de tudo que já não é mais.
E sendo vivo, pode ver que nada é mais
nem menos, tudo é vida. E é feliz.

Luciana Mano