Sunday, April 24, 2011

To whom it might concern

Darling, I wish you knew
The things I've seen you do
I wish you'd care I'm proud
I wish you'd let me say it loud
Instead I see you've changed
In ways I can't quite explain
And all I knew is not the same
To make sure, I look again
Darling, I beg of you, stay
I really have a lot to say
The words I hear you speak
Sound lost and out of beat
Why won't you believe me now
I've seen you when you're real
It's gotten lost somehow
And that's the biggest deal
You sound too right all the time
No one can handle that
Let others speak their minds
And trust some other facts
For starters leave me be
As I am different, you see
I love you nonetheless
You love me at your best.

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