Monday, February 28, 2011

Tenha certeza

Antes de se levantar, tenha certeza de que acordou
Porque cada passo que se inicia
Leva o tempo que o outro que não se contou
E na dicotomia de um dia
Se vive a simplicidade de uma vida
Antes de chorar, tenha certeza de que sorriu
Porque cada lágrima que se vai
Não volta num mesmo rio
E na alegria que se tem em estar
Cresce a vontade de continuar
Antes de se deixar levar, tenha certeza de ter amado
Porque é em se perder que se ganha
E só que já se deu pode ser levado
E nos dias que já não serão seus
Habita toda felicidade
Antes que seja tarde, tenha todas as certezas
Porque nos dias que passam
Só se vive pela beleza
Da vontade e das verdades
Que em cada um se fazem...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Waking up

She thinks there’s a lesson to be learned
In every single step she takes
And as she overthinks her intentions
She overlooks her own sensations
Tough as it may be for this girl
To let her hair down for a while
And look around where she goes
She may come out with a smile
If dreams didn’t make it further
Waking up should be no burden
But a whole new page to write
A brand new way to start
Be not a simple minded fool, little lady
The future will take all the chances
And the story you’re yet to find
Beyond the rising sun lies

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A new quest

The search for greatness and hope
Begins with all but a single step
Meanwhile the heart can only cope
As it takes the next step

A venture is sure to have begun
When you hear the wind against the sail
For with each wave that will be gone
A whole new story entails

What would come out of such labor
Unseen remains until it's here
Having hope for the best sailor
Or failure as the worst fear

Yet it is specially for not knowing
That this undertaking begins
And the view along the journey
The very reason reveals

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bon Voyage

We haven't learned to say good bye
And maybe we never will indeed
But as we part this time around
I wish you all I wished you here
I wish you have time to spare
I hope you find the will within
I pray you have to hold your breath
I dream you'll find your win
So while you're there, please do your share
And keep an open mind
Take it all in with every step
And never wish it to end
And allow yourself to be in awe
And let the world surprise you more
As you enjoy your every day
I only hope you're not away
At all

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Procuro um lugar onde mora
Guardada pela verdade
A saudade de quem foi embora
E vive sua liberdade
E nessa rua que reside
A luz de quem nunca desiste
Mas segue pelo querer
De tudo que pode ser
É quando chego ao destino
Que vejo que não me engano
São meus todos esses sonhos
É comigo que me encontro

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To forget

All the wrong that has been done
By whomever or to anyone
Has filled a soul with restless tears
And led to nothing at all but fear
And in the failing of a soul
A place no one would dare go
Alledgedly should be great pain
Instead of all but a little stain
No scars of a most dreaded past
But hope and love willing to last
And in the questioning of its strength
A little voice cries out its claim
There's no living without a breath
And you must forgive to - then - forget

Monday, February 21, 2011

Big picture

A closer look can be a blinding light
Into a soul or any wandering mind
Details that never seem to fail
To surprise or even entice

And with a step back - or two
The way it's seen can be renewed
And flawless memories revive
While failed dreams are demised

Meanwhile the view of any perfection
Is kept by one too many laws of attraction
The closer you get, the further you're at
Determine the beauty you see reflect

All eyes behold beauty from afar
And you remember if you no longer are
Distance is time's favorite test
The part you see is the whole you get

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Just as a flower needs the ground
Just as the fish need the sea
And as a child needs a mother
As a person needs to feel
And like we all need to learn
Like we all need to yearn
Like words need to speak
And every life need to breath
I need for you to stand
For what truly matters in the end
To speak your mind no matter what
And be the man I hope you are

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Ask me not the reasons why
Whatever happens at any time
Spare me the need to explain
Why somethings grow while others restrain

And wonder not about the ones
That handle both restraint and surge
As any tree that grows that high
Will have to lodge down rather tight

Yet should it ever cross your mind
To stop the wondering, go on and try
Make it so that you become
The words you long from anyone

No freedom abides in solitude
And treasure the words I sing to you
All the while you spread and thrive
Your roots are keeping you sound and alive

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Não quero falar de amor

Hoje eu não quero falar de amor
Quero que as rimas sejam soltas
E livres do que eu possa impor
Que sejam leves, ainda que poucas
Como as bolhas de sabão
Que sejam volúveis bailarinas
E sempre cumpram sua sina
De se deixar levar no vão
De histórias e contos novos
De ventos que nunca voltam
De vidas que sempre inovam
E por fim, que essas rimas
Sejam cheias de beleza
De sorriso que ensina
De tudo que se deseja
E, quem sabe, mesmo sem querer
Não tenha todas elas juntas
Cantado do que so pode ser
Amor em outras juras

Monday, February 14, 2011


If you could keep any given day
Which one would have stay?
Would you choose the day before
For its vague resemblance to having more
Or would it be the day of after this
With its hidden promises and possible treats?
Or, tell me, try and be true
If this is the day you would choose
Granted its real, and here, and now
And yours to live, no matter how?
Sure your decision has been made,
I wish you all that I can't say
I wish you life that will exceed
I wish you a great today indeed.

Piece of advice

Should there be just a single piece
Of the many words of advice I'd give
Have no doubt regarding what I'd say
And keep these words to yourself someday
Be not a guest at this party called life
Be not a character of the book you must write
Let the story you tell as the days fly
Become the History the world will live by
And make each day count
No matter how big the amount
And never forget to celebrate
The losses, the gains, what you create
For all that's left of life, is living
Just as what's left of love, is giving
Live mighty, live it all
Love always, love all

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sem saber

Que alma se salva em perder-se
E se faz escrava de sua liberdade
Sem nunca se deixar apenas ser?

Que vida se vale das coisas que não tem
Se constrói no que desmorona e cai
E festeja em seus lugares comuns?

Qual é o coração que não sente, vê
Que sendo indefeso se faz temer
E tira de si mais amor e dá?

É que quem ri de si mesmo, mesmo só
Que encontra na paz sua amiga maior
Sem saber faz a vida assim, feliz

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Here's to all that's new and living
Here's to not knowing, believing
Here's to happiness and fun
Here's to all of us being one

Hold you head up high for now
And join the toast, make it your vow
And promise to make a moment last
Commit to trying and having a blast

New things that came our many ways
Might not have come to forever stay
But they all have given us a chance
To start a new extraordinary dance

Share the feeling that's inside
Laugh so hard that you may cry
And keep on moving to the beat
Of these new words, still being writ

*to Krys :) - thanks for pushing me further!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A história

De dias felizes se faz a história
Que dia após dia se nega chorar
Lamenta que seja assim tão simplória
A vida de quem se priva amar
E nos encantos de sorrisos tolos
Encontra a paz que se fez esquecida
Na ternura de abraços frugais
Revive a paixão que ascende à vida
Soma de tantos encontros reais,
Se deixa moldar sem medo nem louros
Sabe-se viva, e cada vez mais,
Por ser uma ou outra, reinventada
Assim sem começo, inacabada

Monday, February 7, 2011


The wind blows in response to the sea
Which takes the chance to break in waves
So that the sand won't feel the heat
As the sun shines through the days

Then the moon has its turn and place
To hold the stars that shine, and sings
Words and music no one could make
Fill the night of all living things

And a quiet soul beholds the scenary
With its baffling wisdom and magnitude
And the baffled heart stares stubbornly
Praying and singing in sole gratitude

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Moving on

Leave me now to my own despair
And walk away just when you're needed
Be the one thing I still regret
And keep rewriting the unwritten
For when I'm left to find my way
That's when you'll hear me say
That time has always been a friend
And love is staying til the end
So keep your wishes to yourself
And say no more than our goodbyes
But in your heart keep wishing me well
And keep the memories of our lives
And as for me, I'll keep on going
To the places you wanted me to see
And when I get there, walking slowly
You will know that I'm still me

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Licença poética

Não se deixe tomar de assombro
Quando me ouvir dizer que amo
E que escrevo sempre e tanto
Quanto grande for o encanto

Não pense menos de mim
Se eu gostar de rimar assim
Se lhe disser que acho fácil
Cantar e encher o espaço

Não entenda como vaidade
Toda minha sinceridade
Se disser que me fiz irmã
Da poesia e da rima vã

Porque o instante que dura
Um verso de ternura
É a eternidade do sentimento
Que torna infinito meu momento

Silent song

There's a song I wish to sing
But it's out of tune and out of reach
It belongs to no one, not even me
And yet I hope it gave me wings

But all this silence will make do
For the absence I've come to know
And that song will be my voice
For tomorrow or forever more

And should you ever hear me sing
Let me know or hold your peace
Join the chorus, if need be
And pour your love out to me

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Once upon a time

There was a man who lived
Once upon a time
In a house of debris
He would compose a rhyme
And when the words did not compare
Or wouldn't be together
He himself would take a stand
And help them all feel better
One day the song slipped his mind
He couldn't feel at ease
As he asked the words for any sign
Praying for relief
So word by word, they came around
And made it all work out
And then in just a single line
He made it worth my while

Começo meio e fim

Eu queria crescer quando fosse pequeno
E ver quando so podia ouvir
Acreditar no que não entendo
E sonhar como um aprendiz

Quando eu crescer eu quero ver
De onde vem as perguntas
Das respostas que eu quero ter
Se elas forem mudas

E a vida que um dia virá enxerida
Será mais uma voz pra cantar
No coro das canções doloridas
Na vez de quem quis voar

Assim quando for minha a vez
De deixar a cena que ensina
Eu sei que faria as escolhas que fiz
E de nada me arrependeria

Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wonder if you miss me
And I wonder where you are
What would you be thinking
If you knew where to start
But I also wonder, every now and then
About the things I need done
Wonder if, or how, who, or when
Might help me have some fun
And from time to time I wonder why
Somethings just never change
And whether I'll make it on time
Or just miss out on chance
But here's what I have learned
From wondering now and again
Is that the things that go get always blurred
And the ones to come are stained