Monday, February 21, 2011

Big picture

A closer look can be a blinding light
Into a soul or any wandering mind
Details that never seem to fail
To surprise or even entice

And with a step back - or two
The way it's seen can be renewed
And flawless memories revive
While failed dreams are demised

Meanwhile the view of any perfection
Is kept by one too many laws of attraction
The closer you get, the further you're at
Determine the beauty you see reflect

All eyes behold beauty from afar
And you remember if you no longer are
Distance is time's favorite test
The part you see is the whole you get


  1. Lu, AMEI!

    Alias, adoro os seus post! Acompanho msm o seu blog!
    Keep up the good work :)
    -Mari de Deus

  2. Love it friend!!!! I'm really proud of you!!!!

  3. amiga...parei a "filha" pra dar uma lidinha rapdia.
    gostei....ta inspirada. pena q to tao sem inspiracao e levemente burra ultimamente, nao consigo nem comentar com eloquencia.
    amo tu, tatu darling.
    bjoo e congrats