Saturday, May 21, 2011

Morning song

The break of dawn lets some light in
Whispering through the crooked blinds
Change that led to yet a new morning
Has made it's way past the long dark times

The said morning air feels tingling cold
Against the skin of a yearning soul
It fills the lungs with more than breath
And move the heart into a brighter path

With a smiley face and eager eyes
The feet that touch the ground feel light
Though cold and numb from a long sleep
The walk steady to what looks like bliss

The pain that was felt seems almost gone
The joy which gone can run safely back
While the sun rises on said morning song
Mine are the hopes in this smile I kept

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Por aí

Por favor, não quero que te apresses
Quero que chegues quando quiser
Em tudo reconheço que minha prece
É que me leves e me deixe ser

Sei que há amores eternos que se vão
E nas histórias que remetem à solidão
Eu me encontro com meu amor
Nada me afasta de onde estou

Mas não te busco por que sei que é meu
E vives livre me fazendo respirar
Sem saber que és minha razão de ser
Sei que eu saia muito bem onde está

E só sei porque assim eu sou feliz
Não te preciso porque vivo por um triz
Te espero porque assim me fazes sonhar
Te espero porque vivo para amar

Every once in a while

Every once in a while the rain will come
And the sun won't feel as warm
And the nights will be this long
And the wind will be just cold

Every once in a while it rains for a day
And the heavy air of a cold morning
Will tire you with each breath you take
As it keeps you in your longing

Every once in a while you'll cry
And these tears will wash away your pain
They will rejoice in the death of lie
And rise again with some forgotten faith

Every once in a while you survive
Only to become a better you
Only to feel stronger and alive
Only to open your heart and soul

Every once in a while dreams fade
Only to be relived in reality
So that you'll remember to say grace
Every once in a while...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The way I see it

The way I see it, we don't stand a chance
We keep making the same mistakes
Keep forgetting the same old lines
There's no truth left in our old lies

The way I see it, love has lost its place
Where it used to be stands a crowd
Longing for any resemblance of peace
Looking to find some kind of relief

The way I see it, we've lost all hope
The things we once took for granted
Have ceased to breathe or shine
Everything seems to have changed

The way I see it, it will be all gone
Unless we take a stand for love
Unless we sing a louder song
Unless there's room for everyone

But that's just the way I see it...

Friday, May 13, 2011


Let happy endings be written
Let old stories be retold
Life is what you do while living
It's never too late, you're never too old

Allow for this love to embrace you
Take it and make it your own
Choose love over fear and move
Let this new way of living be known

While there's life, there will be hope
It dies last and at the break of day
It rises with any willing soul
Whenever lost, it will make its way

For there's very little else to be done
Or even for anyone to see
So let these forsaken wings fly you home
And be the you you were meant to be

Waking Life

Tell me the dream you never forget
Show me the world through your eyes
Let me walk you to your own bed
Dream the story that never lies

As your eyes are kept so tightly closed
Every word you say seems to have a soul
And yet there are still memories evoked
Which ever so quietly you've never shown

Meanwhile the waking life stands still
Waiting for hopes and meaning and views
On a different perspective it expects to rise
If only to feel a little more alive

Except the alarm clock doesn't ring
But for another dream it sings
Into new ways of saying the same
You find yourself replaying a game

And all that matters is what's inside
The dreams you've meant to realize
Have brought you to this place in time
Where all you do is arrive

inspired by the homonymous film - Waking life (2001) by Richard Linklater

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The search within

The question remaining longs for an answer
In response to what can't be told for sure
However long it takes, never matters
Every willing heart would rather be true

Far as they seem to have been kept
Long lost dreams won't let you forget
That which was laid asleep for a while
Returns to ensure we are not in denial

In a startling moment you are taken aback
By all that once seemed lonely and sad
But now looks rather exciting and fun
Even while being a quest for one

Not about the words to be said or sung
The next step is in what will be done
Decisive action is the realization of life
While still living, we always strive

Monday, May 9, 2011

Truth be told

Truth be told it hurts more than it should
More than I hoped it would by now
Tried everything to  just break free
Tried it all but I can't get you out of me

And yet it's not your lips I miss
It's more your soul I wish I could see
Just as we used to way back when
Just like it should have been til the end

But as it turns out I have gotten by
And have done it so well I can barely cry
All is well when it comes to living me
Except for the friend you used to be

So forgive my being so straightforward here
It's just that I'm pretty sure you haven't seen
The side of me that has kept me alive
The side that hopes we'll be friends again in time

In all honesty I must admit my mistake
I thought I'd live to see you regret
And now it's me I love the most
And yes, my friend, I wish you'd know

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Life goes on

Much as it hurt to see you leave
I realize it has set me free
Of my own set of private chains
Which made me a slave to your gain

And as you turned and went away
I kept the hope you'd look again
Yet not for a second did you regret
Nor for a minute did you look sad

Now that all my tables have turned
Making life happen helped me learn
All that was left helped me grieve
And now I stand for what I believe

While my life has become my own
I keep on hoping not to be alone
With an open mind and a willing soul
I write the stories I never told

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I wonder if I'd still have time
After all that's gone to waste
If I would ever change a line
Decide for another fate

And yet it seems so far behind
That nothing feels the same
The words retold inside this mind
Playback a different game

The promises that can't be kept
Fell more like a distant past
Stories that were never real
Except for all they made me feel

Though awkward as it seems
I have no record of regrets
Blurred as they may now be
I hope never to forget