Monday, May 9, 2011

Truth be told

Truth be told it hurts more than it should
More than I hoped it would by now
Tried everything to  just break free
Tried it all but I can't get you out of me

And yet it's not your lips I miss
It's more your soul I wish I could see
Just as we used to way back when
Just like it should have been til the end

But as it turns out I have gotten by
And have done it so well I can barely cry
All is well when it comes to living me
Except for the friend you used to be

So forgive my being so straightforward here
It's just that I'm pretty sure you haven't seen
The side of me that has kept me alive
The side that hopes we'll be friends again in time

In all honesty I must admit my mistake
I thought I'd live to see you regret
And now it's me I love the most
And yes, my friend, I wish you'd know

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